KPI Winners!

Today we had a lovely visit from Richard Gutsell from the Palletline hub.

During this meeting we were congratulated on our excellence in hitting all our KPI's, We were one of the 5 depots excelling in all the KPI's that Palletline have set out.

This is a brand new award and we are massively honored to be recognised as being excellent at what we do.

Hiring NOW!


We are urgently seeking 2 Class 1 drivers to help grow our fleet and give our customers an even better experience.


Why get a job in the haulage industry?

Everywhere you go, whether its to the local shops or down the motorway there is always a truck or van moving goods not too far from you! When you drive down the motorway or road have a look at all the fixtures along the road side. How many of those fixtures was delivered by a truck?

Lamp posts, crash barriers, even down to the tarmac was all delivered by a truck! Its amazing how much gets delivered by truck.

The Road Haulage industry is a massive and in these current times less and less people are interested in getting into the trade. Its quite alarming that people are losing interest in this trade, however this trade offers job security, good pay and its a fantastic environment to work in!

Why DTS?

We have been a long standing haulage company in the North-East of England with strong ties to our customers.
Our aim is to grow our business a lot more and as soon as possible, being a driver of DTS means you will be the heart and soul of the company!
With our aspirations being to seriously grow the company YOU will be involved in being the key part of our daily operations and be highly valued. 



Where do I sign up?

You can call us on 01670 735 590, drop us a line via our contact page and we will give you an email address to send your C.V to,  or even just pop to our site and say hello and drop your C.V in personally.



Here at DTS we are focused on achieving Silver and possibly Gold accredited in FORS. 

Whats FORS?

If you dont know what FORS is yet, its the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.
FORS accredited Hauliers operate on a set of rules and regulations to make our operations safer and more environmentally friendly.
This ensures an efficient and safe working environment and a workforce that actively seek a more environmental operation.

Isn't FORS just for London?

The FORS recognition started in London to help reduce emissions and increase safety for cyclists (among other things).

However being FORS recognised outside of London shows that we are very dedicated to becoming the best possible service in every area, not just London!

Is FORS a required accreditation?

No a FORS accreditation is not a requirement at the moment.

Bringing the FORS accreditation to DTS is a way of stating we are looking to give all our customers the very best service available.

So why FORS?

FORS is a standard that should become the focus for all hauliers to achieve.

It enhances the operations of the staff routing and planning vehicles.

FORS ensures our drivers know how to safely and efficiently operate on a day to day basis.


It simply is the way every haulier should be at the moment!

FORS Recognised

Brilliant news, we have successfully renewed and are still recognised as a bronze FORS accredited company.

Now that we have bronze again we are going for silver, and who knows… maybe even gold!